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Drop Dead

The Esthetics of Hatred

תוצרת בית
תוצרת בית שתמות אמן

Screenplay: Abigail Rubin and Yoav Bartel
Premiered: May 2017, Habait Theatre

Duration: 75 minutes

Meir Ben-Ami, the director of an acting studio, was mistaken twice. First, when he decided to shelve the production of Avner Citin, who bases his work on the hatred between him and his team of actors and among the actors themselves. Second, when he decided to meet with Citin the aspiring screenwriter for a “Inside the Actors Studio” conversation, before having watched the shelved production. Soon he finds himself as a plaything in the hands of Citin that is determined to expose and embarrass Ben-Ami, by clawing his way through to the truth. Seven actors and dancers are wallowing in hatred for one other, for their community and first and foremost for themselves.


Cast: Doron Lerer, Shimon Meimran, Tamir Mamis, Shachar Netz, Omer Uziel, Adi Paz & Yoav Bartel.
Space and costume design: Maor Tzabar
Assistant designer: Svetlana Livschits
Music: Idan Shimoni
Lighting: Omer Sheizaf
Photography: Uri Rubinstein

Reviews >
"It is a work of art that looks at its subject with a penetrating gaze, decoding light and shadow, angles and circles. It digs down and brings up to the surface the sense that behind all of this lies a warm, possibly painful and joyous humanity. It is this humanity that they have integrated into this fascinating piece.”

Zvi Goren, HaBama.


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תוצרת בית
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