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תוצרת בית
אביגיל ויואב חדשה לאתרDSC07975.jpg

Photography: Laetitia Boulud

Totzeret Bait (Hebrew for “Homemade”) was founded as a theatre group in 2010 by Abigail Rubin and Yoav Bartel, and was officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture in 2021.


The group's performances combine theatre and dance and are characterized by a blurring of boundaries between reality and fiction, stage and audience. 

The first performance by Abigail and Yoav "Hummus, Chips & Salad" was produced by the Acre theatre and was scheduled to premiere at the Akko Festival of 2008. Surprisingly (or not), the show foresaw the violent events that unfolded in the city that year between Arab and Jewish residents.

The production, which was performed over 200 times throughout the country, comprised an Arab and Jewish cast and served as a live source for numerous studies carried out by various theatre scholars. Since “Hummus, Chips & Salad” came on stage, Totzeret Bait has put on a new production every year.


Sometimes it is a theatre play, sometimes a dance performance, Totzeret Bait is constantly evolving, creating new performances that leave the viewer perplexed as to where lies the boundary between fiction and reality. 

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