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Yoav Bartel and Eitan Harari - Creating a Character


This workshop is recommended for those who have seen "Shall We Dance"

> What makes one character more believable in the eyes of the audience than others?

> What allows the character to communicate with the audience?

> To what extent do we need to know the character we are performing at

   a postmodernist event, one in which the partner of the actor is the audience?


After more than a decade of performing with postmodernist performances like “Shall We Dance”, "Yabalek" or "Drop Dead" — Yoav reveals the techniques of Totzeret Bait to develop and design a character in a postmodernist play. We’ll learn the limitations of such a performance and how actors can draw content from within themselves, as well as how to curate a character that blurs the line between truth and fiction.

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