drop dead

Drop Dead


60 min.

Seven actors and dancers swim in a pool of hate

About the show:

Mair Ben- Ami, a director of an acting studio, made two big mistakes.

One, when he banded the production of Avner Sitin, a former student of his. Sitin's goal is to inflame the fire of hate between him and his actors.

His second mistake was to let Mr. Sitin show a small fragment of his production as an excise. Before that Ben-Ami will have a small interview with the maker, as an acting studio format.

But quickly, Mr. Ben-Ami, finds himself a pond in Sitin's game. Sitin is determent to expose, humiliate and hit Ben-Ami in his soft points, so he can finally get into the route of the truth.

Direction, writing and choreography// Yoav Bartel & Abigail Rubin

Actors & dancers// Shimon Mimran, Adi Paz, Shahar Netz, Doron Laderr, Tamir Mamis & Yoav Bartel.

Stage and costume design// Maor Zabar

Assistant// Svetlana Livshitz

Light design// Omer Shizaf

Music// Idan Shimoni


From the critics:

"This is an art piece that looks and deals with care and with an observing eye, unravels within lights and shadows with different angles the mine subject of this piece. It reveals that underneath the surfers' leys a warm and human feeling, painful or happy, and this humanity they deepen into this fascinating theater creation".  Zvi Goren, "Ha'bama".


"Drop Dead" tells a tragic story with rich and different theatrical methods in an original way and full of talent". Nano Shabtay, "Haaretz".

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