20 min.

A dance performance for 2 dancers and Judo matt. The performance forces on when the players don't play by the roles. On stage came up 2 dancers or you can say judo resales that came to fight and win. What starts as a Judo match, quickly develops to a dance that focuses on the most fascinating parts of a match. A Judo match has its roles, and they are there to protect the players. But tonight the match will have a surprising twist: one of the players finds it difficult to loss and decides to break the rules. Tonight the roles of the game change completely.

choreography: Abigail Rubin // dancers: Lital Ben Horin Netzer & Shani Bar Dimri // costume: Maor Zaber// Music: Shirly Gruten, Tom Belkid and Tlalit Cherski

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