13 fragments

13 fragments


45 min.

The esthetics of a political massacre that changed the Israeli society.

25 years to the massacre at the cave of Machpelah, homemade ensemble goes back to the horror movements. In a series of pictures examines on the dancer's bodies, what is left of that traumatic event. confronts the audience with the pain and rage. Invites a self-examination of what is our part in these crimes of hate, as a public that turns quiet when the shooting starts.


On February 1994, Doctor Baruch Goldstein walked into the cave of Machpelah. He shot and killed 29 Muslims injuring over a hundred. The massacre is considered the biggest Jewish terror attack in Israel.  

Choreography: Abigail Rubin // dancers: Ran ben Dror & Abigail Rubin // production: homemade ensemble // dramaturgy: Yoav Bartel // custom and set design: Yoav Bartel & Maor Zabar // interaction design: Oren Eilam // Music: Idan Shimony // light design: Nadav Barnea // a friend in need: Nitzan Cohen

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