Shall we dance

Shall we dance


60 min.

best show - best playwriter - best performer

Aithan Harrari has a unique Israeli profession; he organizes group dancing of Israeli folk dances. He is eager to gain recognition and uses the opportunity he gets when asked to replace a well known dance instructor one evening to create an innovative folk dance and thus upgrade his standing in the world of popular dancing.

During the evening Aithan exposes the sources of his inspiration – experiences he went through as a young man during his service in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

The dancing gets in to full swing and Aithan begins to sniff the sweet smell of success. But at that very moment his memories threaten to overwhelm him and overshadow the celebration of dancing.

Writer, director, actor// Yoav Bartel

Director & choreographer// Abigail Rubin

Light design// Nadav Barne’a

Musical advisor// Yehezkel Raz

The show won the three major prizes for the fringe awarded for 2010


From the judges’ citation:

Best Show 2010

“This is a play for actor and audience that are executed brilliantly while blurring the lines between stage, audience, actor, life and theater.”

Best Playwright 2010

“A young writer who created with his own hands and the hands of his wife a meticulous play/event that looks as if it is improvised on the spot and cleverly draws the audience in.”

Best Performer 2010

“The play ends and the audience are not sure whether Yoav is a professional dance instructor or a professional actor, or both.”

From the reviews in Germany:

Seriously, you have to thank the festival director and juror Kilian Angel for two guest appearances from Israel.  The solo "Shall We Dance" reflects on how military dressage penetrates even civilian area such as folk dancing. The dance teacher Aithan Harrari catching up with a lot of charm, but roughest emphasis audience to join in on the stage. The major festival evokes memories of the Army Time: As he had with the rifle three Palestinians caught them dance. And was guerrilla warfare in the Soldatenstube even a murderer. The virtuoso performer Yoav Bartel and his wife, Abigail Rubin, the director, creating an impressive balancing act between entertainment and mechanisms of destruction of a person by the ever-present in the minds of war". (Gabriella Lawrence, Vollzog).

From the reviews in Israel:

“ Bartel projects forcefulness and charm that are irresistible.

Through the meeting of the innocent and happy world of dancing and the sadistic power-ridden world of Army service, we learn with the help of this small but clever play some sad things about ourselves and the world in which we live, a world where dances are born mainly out of pain and not out of happiness or love.” (Shai Bar Yaakov – Yediot Achronot).

Bartal plays a most entertaining character that is also humane and interesting … Rubin and Bartal create something really special….." (Yuval ben Ami – Yesrael Hayom).

"The impressive physical control of Bartal [of his body] in dance and movement was specially acquired for this play, and the process of learning shaped the characteristics of his brilliant acting an s a dance coordinator… Bartal, with a very seductive and charming smile dances out the story of Aithan Harrari with steps of innocence and of awakening". (Zvi Goren – Habama).


Performed at

The play was first performed at the “Center Stage” festival 2010 for one-actor plays in Jerusalem. Since then the play has performed over a 100 times all over Israel. And has been invited to participate in many festivals in Israel, among them the opening play of the Teatroneto Festival 2010, the "At Home festival" 2011, Israedrama festival 2012 (international theater festival in Israel). 

Since the international theater festival in Tel Aviv, the show has been invited to perform in Munich, Germany, as part of the "Radikal Jung" festival at Volktheater. Bytom, Poland, as part of the "Theatromania" festival, "West end theater" London. Kiel monodrama festival 2016. Monofest' 17 at Tiyatro Medresesi Turkey. Cheb monodrama festival. Kontrpoket festival 2018 Poland. And performing this December at Moldova's monodrama festival.

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