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A theatre-dance play on the Cave

of the Patriarchs massacre

13 Fragments

תוצרת בית
תוצרת בית 13 פרגמנטים

Choreography: Abigail Rubin
Premiered: 2018

Duration: 50 minutes

Twenty-five years after the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, two dancers revisit the moments of horror through a series of photographs, examining the memory that the trauma instilled in their bodies. The show confronts the audience with pain and loss, and invites the viewers — as members of a society that insists on remaining silent even after the shooting is over — to introspect on their role in the hate crime.

Cast: Ran Ben Dror and Abigail Rubin
Dramaturgy: Yoav Bartel
Lighting: Nadav Barnea
Space and costume design: Maor Tzabar and Yoav Bartel
Interaction design: Oren Eilam
Musical engineering: Idan Shimoni
Photography: Arale De Sizzling Shutter
Flyer design: Shachar Netz.
A friend in need: Nitzan Cohen

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תוצרת בית
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