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One Last Cigarette
Apocalyptic Dance Theater.

“A man dreamt that he died at night,

in the morning realized he was right”

תוצרת בית
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A solo performance for three actors
Written and directed by Abigail Rubin and Yoav Bartel.
Premiered: 29th of July, 2021, Tmuna Theatre.

Duration: 60 minutes

A playwright wakes from a nightmare predicting his last show will be taken off stage. Dazed, confused and dressed in black, he stands before a cashier who looks frighteningly similar to his wife; before a waiter who reminds him of his very own self; and before a cruel audience with an elusive memory, while he tries to take advantage of every moment to ensure that he is not forgotten and that his legacy is not diminished before he dies. 

Cast: Amir Goldman, Abigail Rubin & Yoav Bartel.
Music: Yigal Mirtenbaum
Space and costume design: Maor Tzabar
Design assistant: Channa Buhnik
Lighting: Dania Zemer
Production: Lior Zakkai
Photography: Tommer Applebaum
Graphic design: Micky Matalon Moo-Tag studio

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תוצרת בית
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