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Women in a dance space

come face to face with their routine

תוצרת בית
תוצרת בית עמודו

Screenplay: Abigail Rubin & Yoav Bartel

Premiered: March 2020, Holon’s Women’s Festival
Duration: 60 minutes

Boxed in an insular space, four women feel stuck.

They go round and round in endless circles, searching for a loophole that will break the chain, that will free them from the relentless cycle. Their movement is composed of hysteria, loneliness and inner chaos, and in all of them — the defiant absence of the male figure stands out.

They collide, separate, gather, ignore each other and observe one another. And yet, the mere act of throwing the ball up in the air, announcing the start of yet another game cycle — frees them, even if only for a moment, from the loneliness in the feeling of being stuck.

Cast: Lital Ben Horin Netzer, Yuval Gal, Anat Amrani, Ori Lenkinski and Abigail Rubin
Dramaturgy: Yoav Bartel
Musical editing: Dr. Yigal Mirtenbaum
Costume advisor: Maor Tzabar
Art advisor: Shachar Netz
Photography: Tomer Appelbaum

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תוצרת בית
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