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A trilogy on fear

תוצרת בית
תוצרת בית יאבל׳ק

Screenplay: Abigail Rubin & Yoav Bartel
Premiered: 2015, Akko Festival

Duration: 90 minutes

A staggering journey to understand the root of fear in Israeli society. The play traces inherited family trauma, beginning with a devastating fire in a sewing workshop in New York In 1911. To this day, the sparks of that fire continue to burn among the family’s descendants.

Cast: Gerick Babzdanov, Iris Boloken, Ran Ben Dror, Yoav Bartel, Lia Hazin, Ruth Tovy, Naama Jacobowitz, Adi Paz
Set and costume design: Maor Tzabar
Lighting: Uri Rubinstein
Music: Ofir Ilzaki
Video: Vera corman and Betina Feinstein
Assistant director: Wy Schlemowitz
Operator: Eden Asher
Production: Anat Dotan Azan and Lital Nimrod — Acting Studio in Holon, together with Totzeret Bait.
Acre Theatre photography: Uri Rubinstein
Tmuna Theatre photography: Gadi Dagon (RIP)

Awards >

Best Play Award, Choreography Award, Space and Costume Design

Award of Akko Festival, 2015.

Judges statement

“Because of the exceptional insight that connects us to the mother root of all fear, calling on us: ‘You’ve been here for many generations by now, and you my friend — have a lot of things to sort out’ …”

“Because of the unique dramaturgical language that goes from one technique to the other…Because of the cast’s infinite devotion, providing an unforgettable experience, and because of the pursuit of wholeness that we hope to see one day”

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תוצרת בית
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