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Hummus, Chips & Salad

Theatre, dance and Hummus

תוצרת בית
תוצרת בית חומוס צ׳יפס סלט

Screenplay: Abigail Rubin & Yoav Bartel
Premiered: 2008, Akko Festival

Duration: 60 minutes

A theatre-dance play that takes place in a Hummus restaurant during the International Fringe Theatre Festival in 2008. As part of the play, the team of 'waiters' provide each audience member with a portion of Hummus, while dancing to everyday moves, all until... The directors of the play "Training the Unruly members of the Sector" enter the restaurant, to snatch chickpeas and resolve the conflict between the directors and cast. In no time, the waiters begin fighting with the directors and vice versa, and the audience is fighting its gut feeling that refuses to accept the Israeli-Arab reality as it expresses itself in the restaurant.

Cast: Nadav Bosem, Anat Hadid, Misra Masri, Ali Ali, Ibrahim Qadura, Khalil Qadura and Yuval Raz.
Dramaturgy: Mirian Kainy
Set and costume design: Meital Guetta
Music: Yehezkel Raz
Production and Artistic accompaniment: Acre Theatre, Smadar Yaaron.
Photography: Aryeh Shefer
Pamphlet design: Ben Gad

Reviews >
One of the shining gems of the Akko Festival… captivating ideas that deal with the Festival [itself] and theatre [in general] in a satirically brilliant manner… perfect execution!”

Tzvi Goren, HaBama

"An innovative performance… A chilling prophecy that foresaw the collapse of the ‘coexistence’ bubble in Acre”
Israel Post

“An Enjoyable play and highly recommended…the acting is excellent…”
Yafo Portal

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תוצרת בית
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