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A site specific dance

in a gymnastics hall

תוצרת בית
תוצרת בית עליהום

Choreography: Abigail Rubin & Yoav Bartel
Premiered: November 2011, Ironi Dalet high-school

Duration: 50 minutes

Three boys embark on a mutual campaign of oppression in a highschool gym.

A dance performance inspired by the work of Austrian film director Michael Haneke ("Funny Games", "White Ribbon", "The Piano Teacher").

The dancers, all born in the 1980s, revisit the end of the first decade of their lives. In the gym. This time, it's only them without the rest of the class, without the sponge balls and the hoops, without the smoky teacher with the fur coat. This time they will stand proud, and through abstract motion, they will melt away the memories from the gymnastic hall that seem to have frozen in time

Cast: Ran Ben Dror, Moshe Avshalom Schechter, Abigail Rubin/Shaked Dagan.
Choreography: Abigail Rubin.
Dramaturgy: Yoav Bartel
Music: Yehezkel Raz
Costume design: Maor Tzabar
Photography: Gadi Dagon (RIP)
Design: Ben Gad

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תוצרת בית
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