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"Home-Made" Ensemble

The ensemble was created in 2009 by Abigail Rubin (Dancer & choreographer) and Yoav Bartel (actor, director & playwright).


Since 2008 Abigail & Yoav work together. They produce and direct theater & dance performances, based on the differences and complicated reality of the society we live in.

they created together: "Humus Chips Salad", "Shall we dance" - which was awarded best show, best playwriter, best performer for 2010. "Ambush", "Yabalek" - which was awarded best show, best choreography, best costume and set design 2015. "Judoka". And their new pieces "Drop Dead" & "13 Fragments".

Theater and dance productions

13 fragments


45 min.

The esthetics of a political massacre that changed the Israeli society.

"Homemade ensemble" chose to go back to the cave of Machpelah 1994.

The creators felt that to understand Israel 2018. In their new work they show a series of pictures from the massacre and give their own interpretation to the blood-curdling esthetics of that human depression.

The piece examines on the dancer's bodies, what is left of that traumatic event. It asks to confront the audience with pain, rage, of the horror moments and invites us all to conduct self-examination of what is our part in these crimes of hate, as a silent public, that turns quiet when the shooting starts, and even worse, shuts up when somebody tries to erase the blood steins from the wall.   

Drop Dead


60 min.

Seven actors and dancers swim in a pool of hate

About the show:

Mair Ben- Ami, a director of an acting studio, made two big mistakes.

One, when he banded the production of Avner Sitin, a former student of his. Sitin's goal is to inflame the fire of hate between him and his actors.

His second mistake was to let Mr. Sitin show a small fragment of his production as an excise. Before that Ben-Ami will have a small interview with the maker, as an acting studio format.

But quickly, Mr. Ben-Ami, finds himself a pond in Sitin's game. Sitin is determent to expose, humiliate and hit Ben-Ami in his soft points, so he can finally get into the route of the truth.


Shall we dance


60 min.

best show - best playwriter - best performer

Aithan Harrari has a unique Israeli profession; he organizes group dancing of Israeli folk dances. He is eager to gain recognition and uses the opportunity he gets when asked to replace a well known dance instructor one evening to create an innovative folk dance and thus upgrade his standing in the world of popular dancing.

During the evening Aithan exposes the sources of his inspiration – experiences he went through as a young man during his service in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

The dancing gets in to full swing and Aithan begins to sniff the sweet smell of success. But at that very moment his memories threaten to overwhelm him and overshadow the celebration of dancing.



90 min.

best show - best choreography - best costume and set design 

A trilogy about fear. A theater dance performance that moves from one genre to another. from a theater movemet that recreats the fire at the triengle fectory from 1911, through a dance piece duet and in the end a one man show performance. All is dealing with how we fear our fears. 



20 min.

A dance performance for 2 dancers and Judo matt. The performance forces on when the players don't play by the roles. On stage came up 2 dancers or you can say judo resales that came to fight and win. What starts as a Judo match, quickly develops to a dance that focuses on the most fascinating parts of a match. A Judo match has its roles, and they are there to protect the players. But tonight the match will have a surprising twist: one of the players finds it difficult to loss and decides to break the rules. Tonight the roles of the game change completely.