90 min.

"Yabalek" – (A cry of fear in Hebrew), is a trilogy that passes through different periods in time, and different theatrical styles. It describes the passing of fear and pain through generations in the Israeli society. The performance is divided into three sections; each one represents a different context, time and theatrical vision.

Physical theater combined with video-art, contemporary dance combined with a choir and performance style "TED", all of this together take us to a troubled voyage in the search of the foundations of the fears in the Israeli society.  

The first part of our trilogy occurs in the beginning of the 20th century in a New York sweat shop. In this part we see the beginning of a struggle for union rights. The struggle in the performance is based on a true story that happened in the "triangle" sweatshop in New York that ended with a horrific fire, which killed most of the employers in the factory.  

In the second part we know the offspring of the only survivor of that fire, and the attempt that they try to ignore their fears that are passed on to them in heredity.

The last part we meet Gabriel. He is the third generation of the surviving family, which today lives in Israel. He gives us a demonstration of a new therapeutic method called "the family constellation". Gabriel closes the circle for us, and reviles the special conations that are formed in the performance, and tries to deal with the fears he inherited from his family's history.

Written directed and choreographed by// Yoav Bartel & Abigail Rubin

Stage and custom design// Maor Zabar

Music// Ofir itzlazki

Light design// Uri Rubinstein

Actors & Dancers// Adi Paz, Ran Ben Dror, naama iacobovich, Lia Green, gary babadjanov,  iris bolocan, ruth tubi, Yoav Bartel.

Assistant director// vovi shleymovich

Winner for best show for the 2015 Acco fringe festival, also won best costume and stage design (Maor Zabar) and best choreography (Abigail Rubin).

From the judge's explanation:  

"For the wonderful wisdom that connects us to the deep roots of our fears, for a unique stage language that moves from one discipline to another, for an unforgettable performance of a grope of performers with outstanding devotion".

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